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Gray Heather Workout Wrap
Gray Heather Workout Wrap

Gray Heather Workout Wrap

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After a 3 year hiatus the workout wraps are back!! These headbands are great for wearing while exercising, gardening, walking the dog, working outside in the humid summer or anything you do that involves a little bit of sweat.

This headband is made out of polyester and has gripy texture to it. It is made out of a wicking antimicrobial fabric.

The style of this headband is the same as all the other wraps on the site except the elastic at the back is exposed. 

To clean the headband: wash in the washing machine with your clothes and lay flat to dry.

Customer Reviews

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Lauren Wickersheim
Fine. Doesn't fulfill my main need.

I got this because they were advertised as non-slip. First workout I wore it ... it fell off. So, I'll keep looking.

kylie keefe
Gray Heather Workout Wrap

This workout wrap was the first bizzyb headband I bought and it stayed on so well during my workout that I went a bought another one and thought if this headband stays so well while working out I wonder how the non-workout headbands stay. (Yes I bought non-workout headbands after this). This headband is also so versatile that it can go with any workout outfit.

Nice Material, Versatile Design, Wish It Was More Snug

I found this design to be the most versatile with my workout clothes. The material is comfortable and more snug than normal wraps which is good for working out. I will say, I wish they were even more snug and also wish the wrap went all the way around without a small strap in the back - or maybe creating some workout wraps that are also in the tie style so that you can make it tighter or looser if needed. I do not have curly hair, so I tend to have a harder time keeping the wraps in place. I've tried the over-the-ears technique, which helps a bit but is not as comfortable, plus tucked in ears looks a bit odd on me. The only time tucked in ears feels and looks right for me is when the weather is colder and I can use it to keep my ears warm as well.

Kat Caudle
Best workout headband!

As usual, BizzyB hits it out of the park, again! I couldn't wait to use this workout headband and to be honest I wasn't sure if I would need one since I used the wide wraps and wraps as my go to workout head bands. But this gray one did not disappoint.

It wicked away the sweat, it stayed iin place, and I love the heathered gray color because it goes with my entire workout wardrobe. (what, after a year in quarantine, I built up an entire wardrobe!)

My only "complaint" and it's truly minor and it would NOT stop me from buying one again, is that the elastic is not covered in the back. I know the reason for that is as a workout headband it wasn't as necessary, but I sweat everywhere, and having that part covered would be nice, and it would help the white elastic not get grimy and dirty looking.

Again, it's literally the only thing I would complain about and it's so minor, that when these launch again, I will buy at least one or two more.