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Emerald Velvet
Emerald Velvet
Emerald Velvet
Emerald Velvet
Emerald Velvet
Emerald Velvet

Emerald Velvet

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Velvets are back and better than ever! This fabric is different from the previous Velvet Collection, very soft, comfortable and stretchy. Due to the thickness and comparatively to the double brushed poly fabric, less stretch of the velvet, they tend to feel a bit more snug, therefore they are made slightly larger. See the measurements below under each style. These headbands are great for the holidays or just to liven up a sweater and jeans. 

*Please note: the emerald velvet is the least stretchy out of all of the colors and can feel snug on people with larger heads or sensitive heads. I'd recommend sticking with the tie style or go with another color if that is you*



    • Measures 19.5 inches unstretched
    • Elastic at the back is covered in fabric to help it stretch to your size
    • Wrap is 3.5 inches wide


    • Measures 28 inches unstretched
    • Can be untied and loosened to fit your specific head size
    • Can be worn with the tie in the front or the back
    • Tie is 2 inches wide


    • Measures 20.5 inches unstretched
    • Can be worn twisted or untwisted
    • 2.5 inches wide

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 32 reviews
      Eryn O’Shaughnessy Katch

      I love the luxurious look and feel of this headband. It instantly dresses up and adds character to my outfits. The perfect holiday accessory.


      This headband is so pretty! I get compliments every time I wear it. It is snugger than the others, but I don’t seem to have an issue wearing this all day as long as I don’t wear it over my ears. It’s one of my favs!

      So pretty but can’t wear it

      Been waiting on this one for awhile. I already have a Bizzybcrafts headband collection so I was happy to add this one. Sadly it fits the way to tight and gives me a headache. Either its tight with a decent size bow or snug with an impossible to see size bow. What a bummer since the fabric and color are so gorgeous! If you have a small head the tie will work great for you.

      Beautiful twist but a bit tight on my big head

      I love the colour and style but I found that the velvet twist is tighter than the twists in the normal fabric which resulted in me getting a headache. I have a big head so this isn't a fault in the product, but fellow big headed people take note.

      Beautiful headband, but way too tight for adult head

      I have a small head with fine, low density hair and this headband was too tight for comfort. I took note of the disclaimer on the site that the velvet ones were tighter, but the comparison to the leopard twist I already own is quite significant. I gave this to my 11 year old daughter and it looks amazing on her. It is beautiful.