Current order processing time is 4-8 weeks. Next launch is Fall-September 9th at 8pm Eastern.


If you have a question that is not answered below, email me at


When is your next restock?

Headband restocks can always be found at the banner at the top of the website, in addition to my Instagram profile bio. 

Can I preorder?

Generally preorders are done to determine the demand for something you are newly introducing to decide how much fabric to order. Due to the fact that headband fabrics are purchased in advance of the launch preorders are not necessary and would essentially be the same as a launch due to the limited amount of fabric purchased.

Do you do custom orders?

Due to the high demand and number of orders, I am unable to accommodate custom orders.

I was inputting my CC information and by the time I was done, the item was sold out. What happened?

I know how much of a pain this is. During the launch there are usually an abundance of people trying to purchase a limited number of items. Due to this, if someone else checks out quicker than you, the item is taken from your cart. I know this seems like an inconvenience for you, but it is set up to ensure a limited item isn't oversold, which would be an even bigger headache.

I have been trying to order a headband from your for months and everything sells out before I can get to the site. What do you recommend I do?

I appreciate your patience as I work through some growing pains with my business. Each headband is handmade and I have been struggling to find the correct quantity that will enable everyone who wants to get a headband, the ability to get one. I promise they are worth the wait and appreciate your effort to order one. Until then, I do have some tips on how to make it easier. Use apple pay if possible, if not you can also use google pay or amazon pay. If none of these are an option for you, create an account on my website. Make a list of the headbands you want prior to launch. Set a timer 10 minutes before launch and make sure you're ready to shop at the time of launch.

How much are your headbands?

Adult headbands are $15 each. Kids/baby headbands are $14.

How can I pay?

Apple pay, google pay, amazon pay, Paypal and credit card.


Do you ship to (insert country name)?

I ship everywhere you are willing to pay the shipping to! I have several shipping profiles set up on my website, but unless someone has already purchased from that particular country, the profile is not set up and therefore it won't let you select it at checkout. So if you live internationally, shoot me an email to double check that your country will be available to select BEFORE launch.

When will my purchase ship?

Processing times are listed at the top of my profile and is updated as it changes. Fall processing times will decrease will the introduction of ready to ship headbands. 

How is my order shipped?

All orders are shipped First Class Mail via USPS. Once your order is dropped off to the Post Office, I no longer have control of what happens to it. If you have an issue with your package, or the delivery of your package, please contact your LOCAL United States Postal Service office. 

I placed multiple orders, could you combine them and refund the shipping?

I am no longer able to accommodate combining orders due to the high volume of orders and the amount of time it takes to sort through them to combine. 

General Info

How do I wash my headbands?

With the exception of the microsuede and velvet, all headbands can be washed in the machine and hung to dry. Microsuede and velvet fabrics suggest dry cleaning.

Are the headbands stretchy?

The scarf tie headbands are not stretchy as they are made with woven fabric. All of the other headbands are stretchy and made with knit.